The Best Places to Visit in Italy You Must Visit

Best Places to Visit in Italy
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Is it the first time for you to have a trip to Italy? Then, you might have no idea what kind of places you should visit, right? Well, of course, there are some best places to visit in Italy that people recommend the most. There are more than ten favorite places in Italy that people would love to go to. Yet, today, we are going to talk only to some of them. Okay, then, let’s check it out for more info below!

5 Best Places to Visit in Italy For Outsiders

There are several best places to visit in Italy to visit once you go there. What are they? Let’s read it below!

1. Capri

Capri is known as an attractive destination in Italy. It is located near the Sorrentino peninsula, on the southern coastline. It is known as its designer shops, elegant restaurants such as La Piazzetta, and many others. Yet, the most popular subject in Capri is the Blue Grotto. It is like crystal glowing blue water that exists in the cave. To go to Capri, you need to use a boat or a ferry.

2. Cagliari

Cagliari is also one of the favorite places in Italy to visit. It is the capital of Sardinia. There, you could see so many great archeological sites, museums, churches, the historical districts, and watchtowers. These places may be recommended for not only students but also you who have an interest in the historical museums. Anyway, Cagliari is pretty close to nature which you find cool and close to life.

3. Florence

This place is super famous for its beautiful arts. Its charming quirky shops and crafts make this destination is lovely and favorited. Somehow, you might see the city is living with a strong cultural life belief that holds classical music, opera, and contemporary arts. Besides art, you could also find some favorite restaurants that offer Italian foods.

4. Tuscany

If you have a world trip for historic buildings, you’d better go to Tuscany. There, you will find handsome art-filled, historic towns, etc. Let you see the beautiful scenery of the landscape during the way to Tuscany including the Maremma coastal strip, the Carrara marble quarries, and many more.

5. Perugia

Do you wish to enjoy gelato while walking around the streets, find some people are singing, playing instruments, and watching them together? Then, you need to visit Perugia. There are many enjoyable activities to do, find some food stands there, too.

Some Facts About Italy

Not only because of the best places to visit in Italy to visit, there are facts about Italy that make people are interested to see. What are they? Let’s check it up in the following details!

1. Invention

What do you think of batteries? They must be important to support our works or even daily life such as lighting, right? Well, batteries are surprisingly were invented in Italy. The thermometer is also firstly invented there, Even so, the children there should attend school only until they are 14. Yet, this rule ended in 1999.

2. Volcano

Italy has three active volcanoes, include Europe,; they are Vesuvius, Stromboli, and Etna. Stromboli becomes the most active volcanoes not only in Italy but in the universe.

3. Pinocchio

You must have ever heard or even read Pinocchio, right? This story is from Italy. Also, if you love eating pizza, you must go to Italy and taste the original pizza there!

There are many other best places to visit in Italy you could visit. Let you read our next articles.