Best Places to Visit in Russia You Must Experience

Best Places to Visit in Russia
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When you are on a long holiday, you might spend your time having backpacking alone if you want. Well, you might go to another country and experience new things. You might take your family with you though. If you want to go to Russia, you need to know the best places to visit in Russia. Therefore, you will have an idea of where to travel once you are there. Russia has a lot of attractions such as beaches, music, arts, museums, churches, etc. Experience an unforgettable trip to Russia now! Anyway, this time, we are going to discuss famous places to visit in Russia of the year for further information. Let’s check it out below!

Kinds of Best Place to Visit in Russia

Talking about the famous places to visit in Russia, there must be some that you want to travel because of their tourism spots. Let’s talk more about it in the following details!

1. Moskow

This capital city of Russia has several interesting artistic endeavors to see and experience. They include art galleries, ballets, and symphonies. Onion-shaped domes of historic churches fill the skyline. The stately Kremlin and the grandiose Red Square might be the icons there that you must see. For your information, the two have been one of the largest world inherits. There are also some historical museums such as the Dostoevsky House Museum, the Pushkin Memorial Museum, the Mayakovsky Museum, etc.

2. Golden Ring

Golden Ring must be one of the best places to visit in Russia that has awesome scenery. These countrysides have many churches with cherry orchards, onion-shaped domes, and quaint cottages. Plus, there are also other catchy sights including white stone churches, fortresses, and monasteries. They are worth to see. There, you might also find some famous restaurants that offer delicious, yummy foods.

3. Vladivostok

If you would love to go to the beach or watch sea scenery, let you consider going to Vladivostok. This place may be suitable for you who go on a trip with your wife and children. There is an amusement park there. Plus, if you are a food-lover, you could try to taste varied street snacks and foods there. You might also see a lot of different souvenirs sold. If you want, you might also travel Ploschad Bortsov Revolutsy there; a catchy Russky Island Bridge.

4. Irkutsk and Lake Baikal

These places have been known as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has been a tourist resort in Rusia. Once you arrived at this famous place to visit in Russia, you will see a lot of historic churches, theaters, museums, and attractive wooden houses with hand-carved décor. This place destination is also close to the beautiful Lake Baikal that becomes a home for varied flora and fauna.

5. Saint Petersburg

If you would like to have cruise travel, let you go to Saint Petersburg. This place is very popular in shopping and dining street option. If you would like to taste delicious foods or look for souvenirs for your friends, this place might be the best one. Do not forget, it also has some attractions including art collection.

There are some best places to visit in Russia that have not been mentioned but those five must be the best ones.