Best Places to Visit in England for Tourists

Best Places to Visit in England
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For some tourists or backpackers who have not even ever visited England before must wonder what kind of destinations they should visit. Well, there are several kinds of best places to visit in England that become popular there. There are more than ten best places to visit in England countryside. Those are even the UK people would like to visit when they are off of works. Yet, today, we are going to talk only top-best five ones. Now, let’s check it out for more info below!

5 Best Places to Visit in England in 2020

There are several best places to visit in England to visit when you are about to have a trip to London. What are they? Let’s take a look at it below!

1. Ancient Stonehenge and Medieval Salisbury

This destination becomes one of the seven world’s heritage sites. Stonehenge is a boasting state-of-the-art-stone that had existed for more than 4,500 years. Due to the crowd, some sheer scales moved and go to mankind’s ingenuity.

But still, this area is like a wonderful monument to visit. Near Stonehenge, around 16 kilometers away, there is the medieval city of Salisbury. There, you could find cathedrals, historical medieval architecture, and several old churches.

2. London

Talking about England, all people must go to its capital city, London. In London, there are plenty of attractions are awaiting you! You may see the Tower of London, River Thames, Crown Jewels, London’s Royal home or Buckingham Palace, Parliament Buildings, Westminster Abbey, and many more. Do not forget about Big Ben and the National Portrait Gallery, too!

3. Devon

Do you wish you could have a picnic in England? Why not? Make your wish comes true by going to Devon. There, you can find pub gardens that offer you craggy coves, strolls, cream teas, surf breaks, etc. with scenic beauty. Experience a wonderful picnic with blue skies and coasts in Devon! Find all foods and drinks from the original county’s farmers’ markets there!

4. Suffolk

Are you interested in nature? Why won’t you visit Suffolk? You might find wild creatures there. You even could catch butterflies; dragonflies as well as you free them soon. Plus, you may explore pine forest, heathland, and salt marsh. Enjoy your day by listening to the birds singing there.

5. Loch Ness and Inverness

If you want to go to Scotland, let you visit this number-five destination. It is known as its legend about the monster but instead, you will see beautiful sceneries there. Also, there are other attractions such as Inverness Castle, the Inverness Museum, Art Gallery, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, and Culloden Battlefield.

Things to Mention

Before you go to some top places to visit in England, you need to pay attention to some things first. What are they? Let’s read it below!

1. Season

Some places in England could be more attractive during a specific season including winter, summer, fall, and spring. Plus, a special event such as Christmas even might have great affection to some certain destination in England.

2. Four places

There are four main places in England you must travel. They are Scotland, Wales, London, and Northern Ireland. If you have enough time, let you visit all of them because each city might have different attractions, whether it is cultural heritages or diverse sceneries.

There are many other best places to visit in England that may attract you. Let you read our other articles for further info.